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Maria Bondarenko


Hi and Privet! My name is Maria, I was born in Siberia, and Russian language is the language of my relatives. However, I am bilingual in Russian and English as most of my life I lived and breathed both languages  alongside one another. I am a graduate with honors from the best Russian pedagogical university and specialize in intercultural communications. My teaching approach and a modular program aims at developing communications skills, in Russian or English, as fast as possible. What I offer is a unique learning experience: taught at the pace that suits you at any moment of your life, classes will be fun, every time different and spiced up with a lot of intercultural and cross-industry information tailored to your interests.  

Mar Fernandez


HOLA! I’m Mar, Spanish language native speaker and teacher. You will find my classes to be both efficient and fun – no matter your age. I use different methods for teaching adults, teenagers and kids to achieve these goals. I bet what matters to you are real communication skills in everyday situations. That’s why I put so much emphasis on conversations about topics that matter to you. Nevertheless, if you need a more structured approach in order to prepare for an exam, I will be happy to help you as well. Even in online classes we often use drama games, physical theater, playing and acting. This activates your memory, opens you to learn faster and ensures that learning is fun. Thanks to these techniques my students learn fast and I’m sure they will work for you, as well Ready for the journey? Te doy la bienvenida al mundo del Español.

Carla Dias


Oi! I’m Carla, a Portuguese language native speaker and, I hope, your future teacher. I am graduated from one of the best universities in Latin America – Universidade de São Paulo – and I also have a master’s degree in Historical Language and Philology at the same university. I’ve been teaching Portuguese since 2006 because I do love it. I give private and group classes to foreign students from all over the world, in turn, I truly believe that teaching our mother tongue is a privilege. By doing it, I learn more about myself, my country, my own culture and learn even more about other people, other cultures, and other countries. So If we choose to learn Portuguese with me we will not just learn, but also have a lot of fun. My teaching approach is based on daily situations, trying to include real-life, culture and history. I use several types of materials like online games, videos, books, music, and so on. The classes aim at developing your communications skills in your rhythm, according to your best interests. So get in contact to know more about classes, techniques, I will be happy to answer. Venha comigo nessa jornada!


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