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About me

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How do I Teach Languages?

What I offer is a unique learning experience: taught at the pace that suits you at any moment of your life, classes will be fun, every time different and spiced up with a lot of intercultural and cross-industry information tailored to your interests. I have been teaching and using language in different work and social settings for over 20 years, so I will make sure that you acquire the language skills that you need, within the shortest foreseeable future.


What is process consulting and How do I do it?

I will help you analyse why you are stalling – professionally or personally – and help identify what has to transform in your life so that you feel content with where you want to be. 


Time is precious, so we will discuss whether you need a hobby or a full career change, whether it is a part of your business that needs recap or the whole business idea needs a transmutation in order to take off.


I will help you generate your lightbulb moments and then set concrete transition goals and make sure you are persistently moving in their direction so that you could achieve measurable business and personal results. 

I offer my expertise in the following areas:


teaching languages and development of communication skills (Russian, English, Spanish, Portuguese and French).


process consulting (management, communications, leadership) and process consulting and mentorship (consulting in career change, talent development and ideas application)


If you feel that you need additional expertise to propel your professional and personal growth to the new level, reach out to me and let’s WorkThis together!

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